Urgent - evidence of cryptid activity (print collection)

by Chelseadraws

$37.00 USD
Shipped Carbon Neutral
Finally, I have concrete proof of the thing that's been lurking in the woods near town! I'll bring this to the authorities tomorrow, they have to believe me now that I have all of this! Together with the police I might even be able to figure out the stray cat phenomena that's been going on lately- wait. what was that noise? A collection of nine high quality prints in a kraft string tie folder. Large print and illustration prints on 250gsm ultra matte paper, photo prints on 200gsm high gloss paper.


250gsm matte paper, 200gsm gloss paper, kraft folder


Not Water Resistant, Do Not Fold


Folder: 229mm x 325mm Large print: 8" x 10" Illustration prints: 4" x 6" Polaroid prints: 4" x 5"


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