Mushroomy 🍄

for artists.
by artists.

mushroomy is a united storefront for artists by artists.
our goal is to make selling art easier, and buying art better.

we got tired of getting messed around by massive platforms, so we made something better

for buyers

single fee shipping

Buy from as many artists as you want, pay one shipping fee. Better for the planet, and cheaper for you!

support indie art

Buying with mushroomy helps artists take back control from massive corporations like etsy, facebook, and instagram and supports local art

environmentally friendly

Every single order on Mushroomy is proudly shipped carbon neutral and uses biodegradable shipping materials!

for artists

you make art, we handle the rest

We handle listing, shipping, packing, order management, website, promotion, customer service, and everything else.

strength in numbers

At Mushroomy traffic to one artist is traffic to all artists and a way to grow and share audiences. Take back control from social media giants and grow a bigger audience together.

bulk rate shipping

One store, many artists. Your customers don't have to pick which artist to spend money on shipping for, and by combining our orders together as a group you're able to offer more affordable shipping rates.

Join Mushroomy

Expressions of interest for Waves Five, Six, and Seven are now open!

For artists who'd like to learn more and get involved, we're taking expressions of interest as we expand to more artists, get in touch

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