Enemy Tokens

by Studio Crowmatic
$13.00 USD
Shipped Carbon Neutral
These little standees are specifically made to be used as enemy map tokens. They fit standard 1" battle maps for TTRPGs, such as Dungeons and Dragons, and Pathfinder!
The bases are translucent red, so you can still see through to the game map beneath, and the art is double-sided. You can write on the bases with dry-erase markers, which can be useful for numbering them and keeping track of which enemy is which during combat, or for marking them with status effect symbols, etc.
The tokens are available in these standard D&D grid map sizes:
Small (2.5cm tall, 1x1” base)
Medium (3.5cm tall, 1x1” base)
Large (6.5cm tall, 2x2” base)
Huge (9.5cm tall, 3x3” base)
Gargantuan (13cm tall, 4x4” base)




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