Candelabra Shield and Censer Flail Pins

by UltraInfinite
$18.00 USD
Shipped Carbon Neutral

These pins are inspired by the Crusader from one of my favorite video games, Diablo III.Censer Flail consists of two parts connected by a 2 in (5 cm) chain. It has gold plating, recessed metal details, and pearlescent enamel. The hilt is 1.6 inches (4 cm) long, while the censer is 1.2 (3 cm) inches long. Each component has two pin posts.Candelabra Shield is 1.8 inches (4.5) long, with black nickel plating, two pin posts.Both pins have hard enamel and rubber backings.This listing is for standard grade pins only. Standard grade pins may have one or two tiny imperfections. For my complete pin grading policy, please see my About & FAQ:


Nickel Plated Metal, Enamel Fill


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