Visit The Feywild risoprint

by Studio Crowmatic

$10.00 USD
Shipped Carbon Neutral
A tourism poster for the Feywild, featuring a silhouette of trees lit up by bright pink light, and dotted with butterflies. A4 size, risograph printed on 100% recycled 150gsm Envirocare paper


Riso ink on 100% recycled 150gsm Envirocare paper


In risograph printing, each colour is printed separately, so they rarely line up perfectly as part of the image. Colours can overlap or have slivers of space between them, as the paper has shifted during printing. This is called ‘misregistration’. Risograph ink is also similar to newsprint in that the ink never fully cures or ‘dries’, so the ink may smudge when rubbed. Please handle the prints with care! Imperfections are part of the risograph experience, and make every print unique! That being


29.7cm x 21cm (A4)


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