Sappho’s Flowers Washi Tape

by Amanda Herzman
$9.00 USD
Gold foil washi tape from the 2023 Washistation Pride Collection.

These are the flowers mentioned by Sappho, in the fragments of the poetry that’s been recovered. The majority of her work has been lost today, but these flowers remain. They are the rose, violets, hyacinth, lotus, crocus and honey clover.

Sappho was a Greek poet from the island of Lesbo. Her work still resonates today, and has become a symbol of love and desire between women. This washi hopes to capture the romance and symbolism of flowers used in queer literature. While inspired by sapphic poetry, this little washi is intended to be inclusive to all identities, genders and sexualities. Flowers, as a symbol of queer and alternative lifestyles, are woven throughout our history, with Sappho’s works being one of the early pioneers.


Washi, gold foil


20mm x 45mm


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