Herbologist Zine Vol. 2

by Amanda Herzman

$18.00 USD

Herbologist Volume 2 collects together a year of my patreon rewards from November 2020 to October 2021. It features 13 plant illustrations and their associated folklore, facts and mythology. This zine is A5 in size (14.8 x 21 cm) with saddle stitch binding. It contains 40 full colour pages inside, and each copy comes with a mini postcard sized blue moonwort print!

As like Volume 1, this zine has been over a year in the making. This volume includes the superstitions and folktales of each plant - and even a 300 year old spell! As I continue on this journey of plants and their lore, my understanding and research skills grow - and this zine showcases that, and shares when the folklore for each plant started getting enthusiastically longer.


350 gsm, 130 gsm paper


Not Water Resistant


148mm x 210mm


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