Good Omens Hotel Keyrings - Aziraphale

by itstherealrl

$18.00 USD
Shipped Carbon Neutral
"Maybe it’s all part of a great big ineffable plan. All of it. You, me, him, everything. Some great big test to see if what you’ve built all works properly, eh?"

A perfect gift for any fan of our ineffable couple.

This product features an acrylic hotel keychain and acrylic key shape.

Choose from a white pearl iridescent tortoiseshell etched with metallic gold ink that mimics Aziraphale's heavenly charm πŸ•Š, or a black iridescent tortoiseshell pattern etched with red ink that matches Crowley's sssnake-like temptation. 🐍


Etched Acrylic with Metal Keychain


Wipe clean with lightly dampened cloth.


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